Thursday, May 20, 2010


the rexburg farmer's market has been really fun and its great to have my good friend amber with me, she is always coming up with the best ideas! our "business" name together is KRUPPFIELD and she designed a super cool logo and awesome tags for us to use! we do have a blog but we still need to update it.. i just wanted to put up some pictures somewhere because i know some of you have asked to see stuff i've made. so here you go.


  1. I LOVE the black one w/ white dots and pink flower!!! It all looks GREAT and I love your booth!!!

  2. Oh my goodness!!! How cute!! I LOVE the headbands and cozies and hats! You're so talented :) I'm excited for anything you've made Bella because I'm sure it's awesome! I wish we were close enough to go to your market place! ... miss and love you!