Tuesday, September 14, 2010

new post

dear friends, it has been too long. To give you an update, my wonderful friend Amber has moved away and I'm no longer doing farmers market, nor will I be making many items for anyone. Yes, it sounds selfish but I will be mainly focusing on projects for Penny who will arrive in less than two months. The other day I made a list of all the things I want to make for her... and it turned out to be quite lengthy. Stay tuned however for pictures of the finished products.


  1. I just wrote a comment and then the internet ate it. Ho hum. The point of it was that we need to get together and make baby things together. Because I like you and I like making things and I also have so much to make before our little monkey gets here. And lots to learn in order to make those things. We should have making things parties.

  2. wow katie! that sounds like so much fun!! I wonder if luke and sally would take a nap around the same time... he usually goes down around 12 or 1 and sleeps 2 hours. but yeah that would be great to get together! maybe...tomorrow? let me know what you think or I'll text you or something :)

  3. Sally's naptime is unfortunately erratic. But we could always get together here (if you don't mind) after Luke's naptime. he can play here, and if Sal needs to sleep then she can and if she doesn't then she can play with Luke. I am so game for something to do tomorrow! Give me a call, or text me or whatever and we can figure it all out. Hooray! I'm so excited!